Bulk SMS sending software through GSM Device
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Welcome to SMS GUN powerful bulk SMS sending software. You can easily send more than one sms through your PC. It?s very useful for your office and personal use. SMS GUN software is easy to use and to send bulk SMS in just single click. It has best features and also it is simple to use.
SMS GUN is very useful to person who has business with advertisement and has to send same type of message to many users. It is also useful to a person who has many customers and he has to deal with them every day.
In SMS GUN there is a facility of contact master in which you have to enter the name of the person once and you can send sms to them by just selecting the name of the person, SMS GUN also has facility of template in which you just have to write the message once and you can use same message any time you wants. SMS GUN also has facility for searching and report making.
For sms sending, you have to follow only 3 Step :
Step 1 :
Write you?re SMS or select SMS from template
Step 2 :
Connect SMS GUN contact master or Right Hand address book and get mobile number.
Step 3 :
Click on Create Job button your sending job will be ready for you. Now click on send button it will start sending as per your job.
Features ::
Contact Master.
SMS Template.
SMS job maker as per requirement.
Creating SMS Log files with filtration.
View & Print log file as per selection criteria.
User Level Security.
you can connect address book data of our Right Hand Software.

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